About Us

CHRYSLEGAL (Principals of which formerly practiced as Chrysiliou Lawyers) has a history tracing back to 1987. It is a specialty solicitor firm with a principal focus on intellectual property law, consumer protection law and commercial law.

CHRYSLEGAL’s services also cover a wide category of other related fields such as sports law and conflict resolution. Intellectual Property is at the heart of many areas of law. It exists in a variety of forms. Broadly speaking intellectual property is any creation of the mind or some form of proprietary knowledge. In that sense it has application to a wide category of legal fields and requires expert input to ensure proper structures and protective measures are in place.

The founder of CHRYSLEGAL, Andros Chrysiliou, is a solicitor and attorney who has a long history of involvement in major litigation matters and also in the management of legal and commercial matters. He has authored papers and given talks in Australia, Europe and USA. He has contributed to texts, such as the INTA publication on Anti-counterfeiting in Asia and the Pacific Rim. He is supported and joined by experienced attorneys in both Melbourne and Sydney providing CHRYSLEGAL with a wealth of experienced attorneys in the intellectual property and consumer law fields.

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