Sports Law

It is debatable whether there is a branch of law known as Sports Law. Rather it is a combination of many fields of law. The sports industry is international in nature and covers amateur and professional sports, as well as sporting organisations and clubs.

Areas of law involved can include contracts, torts, antitrust, employment, tax, corporations, and intellectual property law. Conflict resolution and negotiation skills are an essential element of sports law. Disputes in sports management bodies and between players and team management are regular occurrences in the day to day operations of the sports industry.

Andros Chrysiliou is a member of the Australian Sports Law Association.

Andros Chrysiliou has had active involvement in sporting law matters. In the days of the introduction of the Amco Cup Rugby League TV competition, Andros was called upon to advise he highlighted certain intellectual property and structure deficiencies. He was instrumental in changing the rugby league team logos to create an enforceable and proper title structure. Andros was also instrumental in the changing the system of control leading to rugby league teams being licensed in their activities and control being vested in the Rugby League main body.

Kerry Chrysiliou, a director of CHRYSLEGAL has been an active director of a professional major sporting team body and has had hands-on extensive involvement in sports law issues and conflict resolution matters at management level.

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