Conflict Resolution

The Business Force 360 brand signifies the business dispute management side of CHRYSLEGAL.

It assists clients in the management of conflicts and disputes and also in the management and planning of litigation, even when the client has its own solicitors involved. The aim of this service is resolution and reduction in legal expenses which can escalate to very high levels and spiral out of control.

Not all disagreements or conflicts are necessarily harmful to business. When they become unproductive or even worse, destructive, then there is a real likelihood of a detrimental effect on business. The longer such conflicts are left to continue, and not progressed towards resolution, the more damage will be caused to a business.

There is a basic difference between a disagreement and a conflict. A disagreement can usually be resolved without much effort. A conflict involves a person seeing a situation as a personal threat and rather than looking at the issue in an objective manner, sets on putting a course in place to counter the threat.

Once that course is taken and not addressed, then a dispute develops which could lead to litigation. Catching the issue at the conflict stage and having a conflict coach working with the parties to reach a resolution is vital. Solutions are brought about by recognition of what is destructive action and what is constructive action. Seeing the other side’s point of view is not a simple task and overcoming emotional issues needs careful direction to divert such energy into a positive situation. There are many obstacles to overcome before a solution can be reached and there is an art in building the bridge so as to be able to cross over the obstacles.

Solving business conflicts goes beyond mediation and involves more of a problem solving role, opening the channel of communications and negotiation skills. With a background of Principals involvement in management (both in business and litigation roles) and in litigation from the Supreme Court to High Court, CHRYSLEGAL has a solid foundation for addressing business disputes and bringing about a resolution which the parties are prepared to embrace.

Andros Chrysiliou has completed the LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers Conflict Management Coaching requirements.  Reynier Van Der Westhuizen, a Director of CHRYSLEGAL, with his legal and MBA qualifications and experience in the corporate field in the international arena is well equipped to handle and solve corporate disputes.

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